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Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills are essential to a vital economic future for Oregon and the nation. Below are current BEC programs that ignite the classroom with real-world learning for STEM.

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Through the new BEC STEM Connect program, businesses are partnered with an underserved neighborhood school(s) to establish an enduring relationship, provide a positive impact on science/math academic outcomes, as well as build lasting interest in and pursuit of STEM professions.

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National Engineers Month


Through the BEC NEM program, volunteers present in K-12 classrooms throughout the month of February in a broad outreach to ignite interest in science and math. Through age-appropriate presentations and demonstrations, volunteers raise student awareness of the opportunities and rewards of STEM careers.

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For more information, contact the BEC:

STEM Connect Initiative

Darrin Marks, (503) 646-0242 Ext. 32

Elaine Charpentier Philippi, (503) 646-0242 Ext. 23

National Engineers Month

Joyce Hays, (503) 646-0242 Ext. 26