Proficiency Workbook

It’s About Time : A Framework for Proficiency-based Teaching & Learning was written by BEC Proficiency Program Director, Diane Smith, to give teachers a solid structure for rolling out student-centered teaching and learning. Designed as a teacher self-evaluation workbook, the publication contains a variety of support sections to help everyone from the district or building administrator to the classroom teachers and assistants.

The workbook provides:

  • Recommendations and models for strategic and systemic implementation
  • Classroom scenarios of teacher/ student interactions
  • Teacher and student rubrics of proficient practices and personal improvement targets
  • Assessment and intervention strategies

It’s About Time has been purchased by school districts and teachers throughout the state to help them implement proficiency practices in the classroom that put the student at the center of the learning process.



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The publication is available as a printed workbook or downloadable PDF. Place an order here  >>


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