National Engineers Month
Daimler Trucks NEM volunteer Jesus Gomez at Eastwood Elementary

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Throughout the month of February, National Engineers Month (NEM) volunteers inspire STEM in rural, inner-city and urban K-12 classrooms in a broad outreach across Oregon.

Through age-appropriate presentations and demonstrations, volunteers raise student awareness of the opportunities and rewards of working in a STEM-related field.

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The goal of NEM is to make math and science real to students by showing them, first-hand, the exciting and creative things that professionals working in the engineering and technology fields can do.

NEM Sponsor Services

BEC provides comprehensive NEM sponsorship services to support sponsor participation, managing this high-impact event since 1995. With just 45% of high school students achieving basic math and science standards, these real-world classroom connections are more vital than ever. NEM infuses student learning with relevance and ignites the imagination of our future workforce! Students who gain a strong STEM foundation will face brighter career opportunity prospects in years to come. Collectively, they will have the diverse backgrounds essential to support the ever-changing markets and technologies for tomorrow’s innovative breakthroughs.

NEM Registration

Volunteer and teacher registration occurs in the fall.

Volunteers must be employed by an NEM sponsor organization to participate. BEC works with a coordinator at each sponsor company to facilitate volunteer outreach.

K-12 teachers in Oregon and Southwest Washington may request a NEM volunteer presentation. BEC ability to meet teacher requests is dependent upon available volunteers each year.

This is a free service for Oregon teachers managed by BEC and funded by sponsor support.

NEM Volunteer Registration

NEM Timeline

September Sponsor Agreements signed
October School outreach
October - December Teacher registration
November - December November registration
January Volunteers matched with classrooms
Volunteers schedule visits with teachers
February Volunteers give NEM classroom presentations
March Program surveys and evaluation
NEM Outreach Report

NEM Program Contacts

Elaine Charpentier Philippi, Student Programs Manager,, (503) 646-0242 Ext. 35