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The BEC gives students an education and employment pathway to success they do not have today. Learn how you can help.  
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Every year, nearly half of high school aged students leave the school system without a plan for the future. They face challenges that have nothing to do with their intelligence, creativity or motivation to succeed. Their obstacles are rooted in poverty, racism and other overwhelming burdens that close the doors of opportunity before they can even find them.

Our goal is to partner with businesses and schools to throw these doors open and help students explore the many paths to successful lives and careers that are truly possible for them. We need your help to give them that opportunity.

PGE creates excitement for STEM at Bridger Elementary

For the last two years, volunteers from PGE have brought their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math to the classrooms of Bridger Elementary. Located on the east side of Portland, Bridger has a Spanish immersion program and a high percentage of low income students, and PGE is opening up a whole world of opportunity for their future.

The lesson company employees teach about kinetic and potential energy is done entirely in Spanish and gives kids hands-on experience designing and building a balloon-powered car creating lots of excitement in the classroom! Read more about the difference PGE is making for hundreds of students. >>

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